About David


David Cools is a Belgian-Spanish pianist, composer and teacher.

He has studied with maestros such as Julien Libeer, Alessandro Cervino, Irene Russo and Peter Feuchtwanger – the Zen master of piano.

In 2001 he won the first prize of the Musicologica piano competition, Leuven, Belgium, as well as the first prize for the interpretation of the compulsory work Bachatelle by Peter Swinnen.

In 2016 and 2017 he played in the oldest Spanish spa resort, La Encarnación, Los Alcázares, Spain, for a select audience of 100 people in an open patio. A special mention goes to a piano recital he gave in 2013 in Mozarte, Quito, Ecuador.


He studied composition with Belgian composers Jan Van Landeghem and Jeroen D’hoe. As a composer, David won the Best Soundtrack award at Ciné Public Festival, Belgium, 2009, for the movie El camino del deseo by Eva Cools.  Many of his compositions blend Spanish folklore with contemporary techniques and styles, i.e. Danza, Escena en la plaza de toros.


As a neuropsychologist, David believes strongly in the transformative power of music. He tries to convey this experience to the listener through his concerts and compositions. He is a member of the original Franz Liszt Society in Budapest. Liszt’s generosity, his spiritual power – like that of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart – is a model to follow for today’s artists.


He teaches in several music academies in Belgium and also privately.

February, 2022

José Pagán (1916-2009)

Is his mother’s godfather. In 2016, the Spanish National Radio aired the premiere of the Waltz, by Spanish composer José Pagán, with the first piano recording by his grandson, David Cools. 

Being an ambassador of Franz Liszt, in 2017 David became a member of the Ferenc Liszt Society in Budapest.